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An ever increasing number of people opt for underfloor heating systems because the benefits are very clear. Underfloor heating provides the most comfortable and uniform level of warmth. Also, underfloor heating systems (UFH) are categorized as Low Temperature Heating (LTH). This means that they can easily be combined with other heating systems already in place because of the low water flow temperature. As a result energy usage is lower and therefore the energy bill, as well!

The floor grinder creates grooves in the screed (without causing dust)into which the heating pipes are inserted. Since the grinding method uses a specially constructed industrial diamond grinding disc it can be applied to 99% of all floor surfaces, making it unnecessary to remove or raise the existing screed floor constructions.

The grinding machine, dustless, a tightly routed groove pattern into which the heating pipes are inserted. 

Furthermore, it is also possible to install the underfloor heating system into different floor levels , or suspended timer floor constructions where dry-construction panels such as cement boards are already in place.

An in-ground UFH is a revolutionary underfloor heating system, features include: 

- Single heating system; the only and primary heat source
- Zero build-up; embedded 'into' screed floor
- Bespoke; custom floor cutting on site
- Efficient; uses very low water temperatures
- Eco-friendly; saves on your gas bill
- Affordable; no sub-floor work needed
- Quick; installations take one working day
- Dust free; channels are cut in without producing dust
- Responsive; feel the warmth within minutes
- One party; trained in-house engineers fit the entire system


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